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FEB 1ST, 2020

TWO Immunity boosting drinks to stay away from virus

(Home-made;  for all age groups;  with cheap ingredients easily found in major supermarkets in HK)

Whether you have stocked enough face masks, protect yourself and family members with an extra layer of immunity. 

Widely used in Asian cuisine especially Chinese and Indian, ginger is a cheap ingredient with great health benefits. Its anti-inflammation and anti-viral properties make it one of the best immunity boosting food.

  • Hot Drink Suggestion: Ginger Black Tea (costs less than HK$3 to make a cup)

Ingredients: Grated Ginger, Black Tea Bag, Lemon Slices, Hot Water

Benefits: black tea leaves protect against various viral infections; ginger a great antioxidant & inflammatory food that boosts immunity; lemon contains multiple anti-viral compounds and rich in vitamin C

Instructions: Put tea bag in hot water, add grated ginger, lemon slice. Add honey or mint for better taste.

  • Cold Drink Suggestion: Apple Carrot Ginger Juice (costs $25 to make 3 cups)

Ingredients: Apple (2 small), Carrot (600gram), Celery (2 stalks), Cucumber (1/2 large), Lemon (1 whole), Ginger (6 slices)

Benefits: ginger and carrot both strengthen immunity, apple provides great source of fibre and vitamin C, celery & cucumber both have anti-inflammatory benefits

Instructions: Using a home juicer, juice all ingredients

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