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fight coronavirus with food & drink

Immune Boosting Set Lunch Menu 

  • Protect your staff against the virus

  • Delivered straight to office

  • Minimum order 5 units per style 

  • Free delivery to HK Island above $1,500

At zebratasty, health and safety of our staff and customers are always one of our top priorities. Click here to see our catering & events anti-coronavirus measures (with effect from Feb 1st 2020)

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FEB 1ST, 2020

2 immunity boosting drinks to stay away from virus

Whether you have stocked enough face masks, protect yourself and your colleagues with an extra layer of immunity. 

  • Kale Apple Celery Juice 

Receipe: Kale, Apple, Celery, Ginger, Cucumber & Lemon 



Kale - it may not be the tastiest of vegetables but it's nutritional benefits are undeniable. Kale is loaded with vitamin C (in fact more than double that of an orange per 100g) and antioxidants, both of which help increase immunity and protect your body against various viral infections.  


Ginger - a great antioxidant & inflammatory food that boosts immunity. 

Apple, celery and cucumber are all great sources of fibre and together with the other ingredients, make this drink a wonderful detox drink and guess what, you will feel healthy just by looking the amazing green color it carries. 

We call this juice "Green Power" - save the buying, cutting, juicing and washing up - and get it here for just $33 each. Order now here

  • Chinese Soup Drink with Pear, Loquat Leaf, Sauropus Leaf & Sweet Date

Ingredients: Pear, Loquat Leaf, Sauropus Leaf, Sweet Date, Dried Lily Bulb and Apricot Kernel, Water

Benefits: All of pear, loquat leaf and sauropus have natural lung nourishing and detoxifying qualities. They help strengthen immunity system and guard against respiratory illnesses cold and flu alike. 

The absence of meat and the addition of sweet date, a natural sweetener, makes this a clear, oil free and flavorful drink suitable for all ages. 

Get this delivered to your office as part of lunch package at $100 each set. 

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