What Are We Up To? 

Home Delivery Now Available

3 Aug 2020

To help the community combat against coronavirus, zebratasty is pleased to launch its home delivery division where customers can purchase online family size catering, frozen meals, soups and wine. The aim is to encourage home cooking and provide an option for gatherings with relatives or friends held inside homes where cooking might be a bit of an issue.

Link to Online Home Delivery platform: https://zebratasty.myshopify.com/

Catering for elderly charity event in Aberdeen

27 Oct 2018

It’s always nice to give back to the community and we are proud to have supported a charity event held in our neighbourhood Aberdeen for the elderly. Organised by Southern District Integrated Elderly Service Centre, we helped with the furniture and venue set up before serving healthy food for 150 elderly. If even the elderly love our food then we are sure you guys would love it! (or maybe not :P). Breakfast buffet or lunch buffet needed in few days? Not sure how much food to order? Get it sorted now by speaking to us on 3565 4120 and you will have in front of your screen customized quotes with options to choose from in no time.

Catering for 36 hours non stop event

20/21 Oct 2018

Our fifth year catering for Hackathon which lasted for 36 hours non stop in Cyberport. We served continental breakfast, buffet lunch with mix of local HK and international food, afternoon tea with freshly brewed Brazilian coffee and 8 course dinner buffet to over 200 people. Any conference events contact us and be amazed by our customer service right from the start. Call us now on 3565 4120Add News Story here. For more information about this year Hackathon you can click this link( https://www.smartone.com/en/about_us/giving_back/smartone_hackathon/)

Catering for a great cause

31 Mar 2018

Alongside various top French food & beverage brands including Pierre Herme and Paul Lafayet, we are very happy to be part of the 3rd Edition of the Hong Kong French Theater Festival, an event presented by the Pour Un Sourire d'Enfant (PSE - translated to English "For a Child's Smile") - a charity that helps children in need in Cambodia. Event took place in the 300-seater Sheung Wan Civic Centre as a series of dramas performed by French actors and actresses. 

zebratasty supported the event with gourmet finger sandwiches and a canape box with tandoori chicken & mozzarella cherry tomato skewers.

Catering for Startup event held at HKGCC

26 Mar 2018

8 types of delicate canape offered to 120 pax in this startup / entrepreneurship event in Admiralty. Being able to meet new people all with their own aspirations and unique insights on the future of different industries, while executing the catering, was a big big bonus to team zebra so thank you for having us!

2016 & 17 Clockenflap's Official Caterer

1 December 2017

It's been too long since our last piece of news! We were delighted to be awarded official Clockenflap's caterer for 2 years in a row, serving over 6,000 meals over a 4-day period each year. What a great achievement to team zebra from kitchen to operation to service! Look forward to catering the event again next year. 

March & April 2016 Update

30 April 2016

After a relatively "peaceful" February where the team took some precious time off, we hit the ground running in March providing catering service for international firms including Ernst & Young, Royal Bank of Canada and Estee Lauder amongst others. 

We then had 2 big name celebrities having their first taste of our catering in April - Niki Chow at Le Creuset's Wanchai opening, and G.E.M. Gloria Tang at a day long photoshoot. 

What is more? We are featured in this month's issue of the South China Morning Post's MICE Biz magazine - "Changing Tastes" - full article available on web here http://mice.scmp.com/articles/mice-biz/changing-tastes


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